Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) is an early intervention approach used to identify individuals with substance use disorders as well as those who are at risk of developing these disorders. SBIRT is used to reduce and prevent substance use disorder through the use of screening tools, brief interventions, and if needed a referral to treatment.

Eligible Providers

The following Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) providers are eligible to provide SBIRT:

Eligible Members

Fee-for-service members with major program MA and MinnesotaCare are eligible for SBIRT. Providers should refer members enrolled through a managed care organization (MCO) to their MCO health plans for details on coverage and accessing SBIRT services.

Covered Services

SBIRT is a MHCP-covered service and includes any of the following:

  • Screening: Screening a member for risky substance use behaviors using standardized tools
  • Brief Intervention: Engaging a member showing risky substance use behaviors in a short conversation, providing feedback, motivation, and advice.
  • Referral to Treatment: Providing a referral for additional treatment to members whose screening shows a need for additional services.

If a member’s SBIRT result indicates the member needs additional treatment, the member can choose to receive up to six total hours from the following SUD services provided by an SUD provider of their choice prior to a comprehensive assessment:

  • 4 hours of individual (H2035) or group treatment (H2035 HQ)
  • 2 hours of treatment coordination (T1016 U8 HN) or peer support services (H0038 U8)

A member must complete the six hours of SUD services within three months of the first date of service.

SUD providers will need to add modifier U1 to identify the member as a SBIRT referral. There are no changes to the billing of individual or group treatment, and peer support services.

Documentation of SBIRT

Documentation must support SBIRT services provided by a qualified provider. Documentation must include all of the following information:

  • Date of service
  • Session start and stop times or total face-to-face time with the patient
  • Scope of Intervention (screening tool used, positive or negative results of screening, and completion of brief intervention)
  • Next steps: that is, referral to treatment was made or another screening or brief intervention is needed
  • Document rationale for recommendation
  • Name and signature and credential of provider


Bill SBIRT using MN–ITS 837P.

Enter the treating provider NPI number on each claim line.

Use the following table for billing services.

SBIRT procedure code information

SBIRT procedure code Service description Unit Claim format
G2011 Alcohol and/or substance abuse screening and brief intervention 5-14 minutes 837P
G0396 Alcohol and/or substance abuse screening and brief intervention 15-30 minutes 837P
G0397 Alcohol and/or substance abuse screening and brief intervention Greater than 30 minutes 837P


Providers must have documentation of services provided and have followed all clinical standards to bill for services via telehealth or telephonic (audio-only) telehealth. Refer to the Telehealth Services section of the MHCP Provider Manual under Billing for information about billing for services provided via telehealth.

Legal References

Minnesota Statutes 245G

Minnesota Statutes 254A.03

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