​Business Start-up Resources

Starting a business is tough… Here are some resources and referrals for what I have found helpful. (If you have a GOOD or BAD experience with any of these please alert me so I can keep, or remove them, from my master list!) This is an ongoing list from 10+ years of multi-business ownership experience and may update periodically. Last Update June 2024.


You should do your own research to determine if these services best suit your individual needs.


Accountant/CPA – Lewis, Kitsch & Associates, Ltd.

Banking – US Bank

Accounting Software – Quickbooks or FreshBooks (linked to your business bank accounts and credit cards)

Payment – Stripe

Scheduling – Calendly

Domain/Website – Google Domains or SquareSpace

Email – G-suite (Google Business) Gmail

Meetings – Included in G-suite – Google Meet (premium with recording version and HIPAA secure) or EHR which has this as an add-on. 


Virtual Assistants

  • Hello Rache – Best for those in Healthcare
  • Time Etc – U.S. Based VAs
  • Magic – Considered Best for Small Businesses
  • WishUp – Best for VAs who speak Multiple Languages
  • PineApple – $8 and good for small businesses

Phone Call Answering/Lead Calls/Website Chat/Intake Scheduling – Smith.Ai Use or reference discount code DJHOLTLAW


Phone/Fax/Business Text HIPAA secure – RingCentral or Spruce


Passwords – LastPass


Automation – Zapier


Graphics – Canva


Business Insurance – DysteWilliams


Malpractice for Healthcare Professionals – DysteWilliams 


Malpractice for “Life Coaches” CPH Insurance 

Malpractice for “Health Coaches” CPH Insurance 

EHR Behavioral Health – BreezyNotes 

EHR/Practice Automation – CareTap (EIDBI, HSS, Home Care, Adult Day Center, Group Homes)

Email Marketing – MailChimp

Electronic Signatures – SignNow

Business Credit Card – Spark Business 2% cash back

Outsource Projects – Fiverr and UpWork

Antivirus – Webroot antivirus

Here are a list of FREE business resources in Minnesota that may be helpful to new, and experienced, business owners.

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