Value-Based Legal Subscription

The lowest-priced long-term legal services offering

Check out what general counsel looks like:

No minimum contract term (Cancel Anytime)
Legal Consultations: Phone, Email, Video

Say goodbye to billing by the minute.  If you have a question, email.  If it is in scope (and it usually is) we just answer it.  It is that easy. It it’s a more comprehensive question – we set up a call to discuss. (Subject to Law Firm Workflow). Limits set per month.

Legal Research
Comprehensive Legal Audit
Corporate / Company Internal Documents
Employment Policies and Handbooks
Upgrade or downgrade your subscription level month by month depending on needs
Affordable, Transparent and Convenient
Secure client portal for editable legal documents
Healthcare Compliance Legal Tools/Audit Forms
Business Contracts Review/Advice Before Signing
Preparing Standard Business Contracts
Contract Negotiations and Drafting/Editing
Employment / Independent Contractor Agreements
Is there any long-term commitment?

No. Though General Counsel is intended to be a long-term solution to the legal needs of your business, the services are provided on a month-to-month basis and you may cancel at any time.  Since our monthly fee is designed to spread out the cost over a growing relationship, as a law firm we have the opportunity to prove our value each and every month while taking on a substantial risk. However, we trust that our efforts will prove invaluable.

Are services in-person?

No, all services are remote, unless you are a Legacy Client, for which we will discuss when in-person meetings are appropriate.

Can I rollover unused time to the next month?

Unfortunately not. The monthly subscription fee is considered a flat fee for a scope of services as outlined in the engagement agreement business will receive upon hiring the firm.  That fee includes up to a certain number of “hours” of legal time which is significantly discounted compared to the equivalent hourly rate through a traditional law firm.  The law firm limits client load accordingly. The law firm does take into consideration lack of use of the general counsel for inactive versus active months in good faith at its sole discretion.

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