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“Big Healthcare” Simply Isn’t Working…

Let’s be honest. The US Healthcare system just isn’t working. There are many theories on why, but I care about working with healthcare and wellness business owners to bring a new age of health, wellness and mindfulness to the US healthcare system. 

In a nutshell, I am a Biomedical Engineer turned Attorney and Entrepreneur.  I focus on healthcare and business law in order to be an active part of the future of healthcare and new business in Minnesota. I founded Holt Law, LLC to break away from the traditional practice of law.  I’m confident you’ll be impressed with the way I practice law. 

The Firm

Leverage Technology

We leverage modern technology to keep costs down. Our firm is 100% paperless, backed up and encrypted remotely. We can safely share every single document in your case with you electronically. You will receive invoices via e-mail and you can pay them securely online via credit card.

Value Billing

The traditional hourly billing model does not reward creating value for the client.  We practice law differently.  We avoid hourly billing in order to have predictable bills and “skin the game”. We will discuss your goals at our first meeting. We will base our fee on meeting your goals, ideally with a predictable flat fee that we agree is equal to the value of our services.


Speak Plain English

We speak plain English, not legalese.  We use analogies, drawings, and extra time in person to clearly explain what we are doing.  We encourage open communication at all times.  We believe in transparent legal work.

Prevent - Not React

We focus on front-end legal planning rather than back-end costly “clean-up” litigation.  Whether a personal or business manner, our approach is to save you money by anticipating what could go wrong and how we can address those potential issues.  This saves you money, time and anxiety.


We offer appointments during mornings, nights, weekends and weekdays at various office locations in the Twin Cities or an alternate location most easily accessible to you. We offer alternative fee arrangements and varying degrees of representation based on your financial situation.


We are not “jack of all trades” or “whatever comes in the door” attorneys.  We master limited practice areas instead of dabbling in areas of law simply to increase revenue. Our biggest asset is our reputations.  If your case is outside of our practice areas, we will happily try to refer you to an attorney we trust.

Why Choose Us

Honest, Experienced Legal Counsel

You will always know where you are at and what you still need with our work. We have very specific, niche practices areas and we are don’t stray outside of them, which is why we are so good at what we do.

Modern Legal Care

Today, it’s time to embrace modern technology and leverage it to provide affordable and more effective legal solutions. Let’s build something new.

Our Team

David Holt

David Holt

Attorney and Owner

David Holt is the attorney and owner at Holt Law. He is a biomedical engineer turned entrepreneur and cribbage champion (in his own mind). Outside of work he enjoys traveling (most of is work is done remotely outside of Minnesota) being with his son Milo, flying, and exploring new restaurants and wellness techniques.

Jamie Christopher

Jamie Christopher

Associate Attorney

Jamie Christopher is an associate attorney at Holt Law. She has a history of working in the behavioral health field for 17 years and finds that working in healthcare and business law combines her professional passions perfectly. Outside of work, she stays busy with her husband and two children, loves to travel to warm destinations, and when life allows for it, is a voracious reader who has documented every book she has read since she was 16 years old.

Caitlin Powell

Caitlin Powell

Senior Executive Paralegal

Caitlin Powell is a Senior Executive Paralegal with over 10 years of experience. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children – you’ll likely find them at a youth hockey game or hiking along Minnesota’s North Shore.

Courtney Gilman

Courtney Gilman


Courtney Gilman is a Paralegal at Holt Law. With a background in hospitality, she has a passion for helping others. Outside of work she enjoys making art and hiking with her husband and dog.

Let’s Work Together

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