Life-sharing matching process and living arrangements

Life sharing is one life-style care option for adults with disabilities age 18 or older. This program matches an adult with disabilities to “a relationship-based living arrangement with an individual or family”. These matched individuals or families choose to share and provide life experiences and support to their matched adult.

In a life-sharing arrangement:

• People who receive services and individuals/families choose to live with each other by building a mutual, respected relationship over time

• All people involved share responsibility and support each other

• The process is different for each person and is guided by person-centered practices.

Effective as of September 1st, 2021 – lead agencies, service providers, people with disabilities and their families can use CBSM – Resource: Life-sharing matching process and ongoing support options to facilitate and create living arrangements.

This guidance applies to adults age 18 or older on the following waivers:

• Brain Injury (BI)

• Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI)

• Community Alternative Care (CAC)

• Developmental Disabilities (DD).

This process does not require a formal waiver. CBSM will provide information about how to use existing disability waiver services.

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