For a program that has a 245D license, there are certain sources if information that are to be posted, on the wall, in a prominent location, at the facility. 

  1. A list of Emergency numbers must be posted—ideally near the required non-coin operated telephone. 
  • 911 Emergency number (if the program is located in a county that does not have a 911 emergency phone number, then list the phone numbers for the local fire department, police department, emergency transportation, and poison control center.) 
  • A Mental Health Crisis Intervention Team number (this is specific for each county) 

      Click here for link to the list of each county’s phone number. 

2. A copy of the internal and external reporting policies and procedures for the Vulnerable Adult Maltreatment Policy. This must include the telephone number of the common entry point – MAARC – Adult Abuse Reporting #1-844-880-1574.

3. For programs that provide Intense Support Services:

    A copy of the program abuse prevention plan.

245D Reinspection or Audit Package

We offer a 245D Reinspection or Audit package for providers who have reached their recertification date and have been issued a noticed from DHS, or are seeking an audit of their business services.  To learn more, click the button below!

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