Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS)

Intensive Residential Treatment Services for adults with mental illness (IRTS)


The IRTS – Intensive Residential Treatment Services license is for businesses looking to open an IRTS business and obtain the license to do so.



The IRTS license is a very involved and complicated license. You are serving some of the most vulnerable people in Minnesota in a unique and sensitive transition in their lives. Therefore the State of Minnesota holds businesses to high standards of compliance and legal requirements in order to obtain a license and operate. An attorney helps break down the complicated rules and get a license and confirm your compliance is sound as you launch your business.



Pricing: $8950 flat fee–

Includes a start-to-license IRTS license application

  1. Tailored Policies and Procedures and education on how to understand and use them
  2. County letter of need coordination and approval
  3. Inspections coordination and approval
  4. Application of the IRTS license and follow up correspondence with the State
  5. Your IRTS legal questions answered (does not include clinical questions or questions outside scope of legal practice)

*Does NOT include filing fees, clinical policies and edits such as medications, clinical staffing, mock file, or securing location


Onboarding is generally within 2 days of free initial consultation. An IRTS license is very involved and generally takes 9 months start-to-finish assuming NO inspection issues, clinical staffing issues or county delays.

Statutes and rules

The following Minnesota Statutes and Rule apply to these services:

Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245A (Human Services Licensing Act)

Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245C (Human Services Background Studies Act)

Minnesota Statutes, sections 626.557 and 626.5572 (Vulnerable Adults Act)

Minnesota Rules, parts 9520.0500 to 9520.0690 (Residential Programs for Mentally Ill Adults)

Minn Stat 245I


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