Independent Contractor versus Employee Assessment and Legal Advice 

Independent Contractor versus Employee Assessment and Legal Advice 



All businesses in the US who use independent contractors (focus on MN-based businesses to comment on local state law).


The government uses a complicated multi-factor test, which has been greatly expanded for enforcement under the new US Department of Labor rule. Misclassification of workers can lead to enormous fines and back-paid payroll expenses. Standard contracts are rarely enough for enforcement anymore without an attorney explaining both the specific language in the contract that is important in addition to the behind-the-scenes behavioral control that you exert outside of the written contract. A misclassification can ruin a business. A proper classification and survival of an audit can create a competitive advantage in using independent contractors instead of employees. 


$2500 includes direct legal advice on whether your current staff are employees or independent contractors and related advice on exposure if they are not, and how to reclassify workers using a new Independent Contractor Agreement and access to Employment Law Package (DIY) as back-up for staff that simply cannot be an independent contractor.



Onboarding is within a couple business days of free initial consultation. Package is generally complete within 3 weeks.

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