Healthcare Staffing Agency

Healthcare Staffing Agency


The Healthcare Staffing Agency package is for those who are interested in creating a healthcare staffing agency.



We have a workflow and system to get you set up as a healthcare staffing agency.  We have experience to get you set up and billing quickly.



  1. File entity and ownership agreement
  2. Employment Agreement and Handbook (employment law policies and procedures)
  3. Business contract – Professional Staffing Contract (your business to the business that you are staffing for)

Flat fee of $4450 – does not include filing fees ($155 if LLC and $2,035 application fee)


What do I need to start?

There are no requirements for a general healthcare staffing agency in Minnesota and California so long as you do not staff nurses.



The total timeline is projected as one (1) month. This timeline is always subject to change and is dependent upon timely and efficient communication and completion of client “homework” (such as questionnaires).

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