Healthcare Business Professional Firm Filing Fixer Package

Healthcare Business Professional Firm Filing Fixer Package



1) Healthcare Businesses that did not make the “professional firms” election in their Secretary of State Filing and did not also file the “Professional Firms Initial Report” which EACH board for which they are providing a professional service (medicine and surgery, physician assistants, chiropractic, registered nursing, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, professional counseling, pharmacy and others)


Minnesota has complicated rules regarding who can own, and not own, an entity that provides services in professionally licensed healthcare categories. Failure to abide by these rules can result in fines, a gross misdemeanor, professional disciplinary actions or worse. The good news is that the restrictions may work in your favor since professional services are tied to a healthcare license that you worked hard to build and cultivate. Not all business attorneys are familiar with working with healthcare professionals and the Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine, Professional Firms Act and respective healthcare licensing board rules. This is often why OTHER attorneys engage Holt Law to come in as the limited scope counsel in their transactions and we are usually more than happy to help. A conservative reading of the professional firms rules (and also interpretation by some professional boards) suggests that it is required in most situations. Why risk a few hundred dollars to start off on a bad foot with a licensing board that has nearly unlimited power over your business and professional license?


Pricing – $650 – Includes Entity Amendment, Professional Firm filing drafted and associated legal letter explaining ownership position to respective professional boards. Includes multiple professional services, but does NOT include filing fees (usually ~$55 for LLC amendments and $100 for board professional firm filings)



Onboarding is within a couple business days of free initial consultation. Package is generally complete within 1 week.

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