Health Coach – Full Legal Set Up Package (In Person)

This is the full legal startup package for Health Coaches (In Person) priced at $1950 as a discounted package.  The package is designed to be everything you would need to set up your in-person health coach business. Health coaches are not licensed in Minnesota. If you are considering an online health coach business – see the online health coach package (same pricing regardless of your choice)

(1) Client Information and Consent Form / Client Services Form, in-person only

(2) Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy with in-person focus only

(3) One month of General Counsel, calls and emails all included

(4) Legal Entity Advice and Formation – Does not including filing fee
(5) Clear legal advice on licensed versus unlicensed services (When does a “client” become a “patient”?) from a healthcare attorney that understands healthcare professional licensing boards, and enforcement, in Minnesota and at a Federal level
(6) Full review, consultations and disclaimers and legal advice on content (includes reviewing/watching/reading your proposed or created content)

(7) Advertising legal advice on social media, internet or elsewhere with Federal Trade Commission considerations for adverting and marketing, limited to in-person offerings

(8) All ancillary and related legal advice to set up everything to create a legally safe in-person health coach business

*Legal advice is limited to Minnesota and Federal law

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