Employment Law Package (Minnesota)

Employment Law Package (Minnesota)


Healthcare, wellness and related business employment law compliance documents and forms for Minnesota. Designed to be a one-stop full legal package for hiring your first employee (or cleaning up your attempt at Minnesota employment law without judgement!)



Start-to-employee-hire-ready legal work until you are satisfied and confident to onboard your first employee. Predictable legal start-up cost and done correctly the first time. Also includes auditing your first employee personnel file.



Pricing: $1995 – Provisions are drafted for modern day employment and healthcare, wellness an related businesses and tailored to your business needs.

  1. Checklist for hiring an employee (New Hire Master Folder)
  2. Application for employment, applicant information release, applicant reference check, master employment agreement, confidentiality agreement, direct deposit, orientation and training checklist, I-9, W-4 (state and federal), MN New Hire reporting form AND training on HOW to use these documents
  3. Employee Handbook, HIPAA training, Personnel file checklist, drug screening form, infectious disease control policy, sample training log, sick and safe time policy compliance for Minnesota, time-off request form, use of practice policy, TB testing if applicable, personal vehicle use for company purpose release
  4. Employee disciplinary action form, termination template and annual performance evaluation
  5. Internship materials and forms
  6. COVID compliance, and infectious disease-ready control policies
  7. Law notices and summaries for quick and easy desktop reference of Employment law Minnesota
  8. State and Federal Labor law poster advice and compliance
  9. Video training with attorney explaining documents
  10. Related/ancillary employment law questions (related to first use of documents) covered as part of the flat fee
  11. Confirmation of what you need to do with your Accountant/CPA (or do yourself) in relationship to taxes and withholding



Onboarding is within a week of free initial consultation. Package is complete within 3 weeks, and lingering legal questions are covered beyond that timeline.

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