Adult Day Center

Adult Day Center Legal Package


The Adult Day Center Legal Package is a start-to-license legal representation to get approval for one location for adult day center services.



The Adult Day Center license is a particularly complicated license and an attorney can help expedite the approval process. Generally the rental or mortgage fee for your facility will be large and every month that you are not open can cost $10,000 plus in costs and lost revenue.



Start to finish acquisition of the the adult day center license which is a day program for elderly adults. Adults are transported to a facility where they perform activities and are fed before being transported home. This is not a residential facility, so participants do not sleep at the facility. We help guide you through the application process, which includes (1) county approval, (2) guidelines on what a good location includes (but not getting you that location); (3) Inspection help/coordination; (4) Policies and procedures; (5) Staff and recipient file templates; (6) Coordination with your Registered Nurse, Dietician and Physical therapist; (7) Communication with DHS to get license approval (8) DHS provider enrollment

Pricing: $8950

Does NOT include (1) Adult license fee $500; (2) DHS provider enrollment fee $688 – 2023; (3) Enrollment with Insurance payors like UCare, Medica, etc – referral provided; (4) Transportation Enrollment is an add-on for $750; (5) Any inspection or entity filing fees



Onboarding is generally within 2 days of free initial consultation. Package is complete within 6 months unless delays due to county approvals, inspection issues/building issues or State delays outside control of our law firm. The biggest delay is currently the County approval and on occasion inspections that result in building modifications needed.


Additional resources

Use this link for the pre-application worksheet

Use this link to apply for a license

Sample polices:

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