245G Legal Audit


The 245G Legal Audit package is for already established 245G chemical dependency treatment programs providers looking to confirm and update their legal compliance with all related 245G statutes.



Many 245G providers have policies that may be out of date because new laws have been passed, or their policies are not serving them in the same way as when they first opened. This package is designed to get your 245G program in compliance with applicable rules and laws. Performing an audit will relieve worries and stress related to a potential DHS audit and may save you from a timely corrective action plan from DHS.



Cost: $5400

  1. Review your policies to make sure they are current with Minnesota law and inform you of the changes that need to be made. We give you the tools to then update and edit your own policies.
  2. Verify with you that all of the items that need to be posted in your facility are posted and are correct.
  3. Conduct a non-clinical audit on one of your client files.
  4. Conduct an audit on one of your staff files.
  5. Provide you with general employment documents as well as 245G documents to assist you with remaining in compliance.

*NOTE: We will not re-write your existing 245G policies or provide you with new 245G policies; rather we will review your current ones and inform you of necessary additions or edits.



Onboarding is generally within 2 days of free initial consultation. Package is complete within 3 to 4 weeks, unless delays due to our calendars not lining up. Most lingering legal questions are covered beyond that timeline.

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