Mergers and Acquisitions

We help healthcare providers merge or acquire other healthcare businesses. We understand the corporate practice of medicine doctrine and work with multi-disciplinary organizations in both healthcare and wellness.

Purchase of a Healthcare Business

We help businesses and individuals successfully purchase a healthcare business and keep the current licenses and business in full function. 

Sale of a Healthcare Business

We help businesses and business owners successfully sell their healthcare business and exit without any post-transaction issues or headaches. 

Change of Ownership

We help healthcare businesses change ownership and maintain their current licenses and businesses. Licensing agencies such as the Minnesota Department of Human services will cut off funding if the change of ownership is not handled properly. This can result in the entire loss of a business.

New Business Set Up

We help launch new healthcare businesses from idea to operating. 

Fractional Legal Counsel

Our firm offers Fractional Legal Counsel in transactional matters including contracts, grow, employment and more.

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