“MSA” Management Services Agreement


The “MSA” Management Services Agreement is a legal agreement between a management services organization and a healthcare practice.



The “MSA” Management Services Agreement is used as a method to legally arrange for another company (generally not owned by healthcare professionals) to help manage, administer and do everything except clinical work, for a healthcare practice. This allows the managements services organization to profit off of non-clinical work done for the healthcare practice.



  1. Pricing – $2500 refundable flat fee
  2. Comprehensive “MSA” Management Services Agreement with unlimited edits and revisions, as well as video meetings to make sure all parties understand the agreement.
  3. E-sign executed legally enforceable agreement with PDF final signed versions sent to every party
  4. BONUS Spousal provisions to prevent (future) ex-spouses from disrupting the business arrangement
  5. Includes ability to add just about any feasible non-clinical provisions including: (1) Annual Budgets, Marketing and Business Development Plan; (2) Monthly Reports; (3) Quarterly Business Reviews; (4) Personnel and Staffing; (5) Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping; (6) Information Technology and Equipment; (7) Training; (8) Patient Records; (9) Legal and Risk Management Services; (10) Quality Control; (11) Marketing Development and Programming; (12) Supplies, Inventory and Equipment; (13) Janitorial and Maintenance Service; (14) Operations and Regulatory Reports; (15) Call Center Services; (16) Recruiting and Human Resource Services; (17) Marketing and Business Developmental Services; (18) Contracts for Facilities/Services; (19) Contracting and Credentialing; (20) Billing and Collections and more!


The total timeline is projected as three (3) weeks. This timeline is always subject to change and is dependent upon timely and efficient communication and completion of client “homework” (such as questionnaires). The process can be delayed if there are many parties to the agreement and it becomes difficult to coordinate schedules.

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