MHCP Provider Training

Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) trainers coordinate training for fee-for-service providers who provide services for people enrolled in Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP).

These training videos give you an overview of the basic functions on the MN-ITS page, Minnesota Provider Screening and Enrollment (MPSE) Portal, and Billing.


MPSE Portal Training

If you need an overall review on the MPSE portal, MHCP provides training videos to go over the basic functions that allow providers to make changes online.

Providers can make changes such as managing user roles, updating owners and authorized persons, and updating qualified professionals affiliated with the practice.

For a more in-depth training of the portal, there is a free webinar that providers can sign up for.


Provider Basics

If you need a general overview of billing as a “fee-for-service” provider, this free webinar will cover the following:

  • How to navigate the MHCP provider webpages to understand:
    • Provider tools and resources
    • MHCP basic provider requirements
    • MHCP programs and services
    • MHCP relationship with managed care organizations (MCOs)
  • How to use MN-ITS to:
    • Understand administration options
    • Access and review the mailbox
    • Check member eligibility


Mental Health Resources and MN-ITS Training (Billing Lab)

For information that is specific to ARMHS and other mental health, you can sign up for a training session webinar. There is no cost for this training. They will address the following:

  • Locate online information, forms and resources
  • Find information in the MHCP Provider Manual, including:
    • MHCP provider basic requirements
    • Mental Health overview
    • Mental Health provider enrollment
    • Mental Health billing
  • Use MN-ITS for the following:
    • Access your mailbox
    • Verify member eligibility
    • Submit claims (837P) for Mental Health services
    • Copy, replace or void items
    • Check claim status
    • Retrieve and read your remittance advice

To sign up for a webinar you will need your MN-ITS username and password.

ARMHS Legal Package

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