HSS – Housing Stabilization Services

HSS – Housing Stabilization Services



The HSS, Housing Stabilization Services business package is for individuals looking to start an HSS company. HSS – Housing Stabilization Services is a new Minnesota Medical Assistance benefit to help people with disabilities, including mental illness and substance use disorder, and seniors find and keep housing. 



We have a workflow and system to get the HSS license. Our fee is refundable which means you either get the license or your money back. Since we have done over 15 HSS applications, we have experience with what will happen and how to navigate it quickly.



Pricing: $1950*

Includes start to HSS license legal representation

  1. Required HSS policies
  2. HSS application through DHS Provider Enrollment
  3. NetStudy 2.0 assistance (required for HSS approval)
  4. Your HSS legal questions answered
  5. Ownership legal documentation for single owner or multi-owner scenarios

Does NOT include (1) Filing fees $155 for LLC, $688 DHS provider enrollment fee (2) Credentialing/insurance contracts – referral provided



Onboarding is generally within 2 days of free initial consultation. Package is complete within 3 months unless delays due to our calendars not lining up or DHS, and lingering legal questions are covered beyond that timeline.

Steps to HSS Certification

  1. File for LLC, FEIN, NPI, and MN Tax ID (if applicable)
  2. Complete HSS required training (not required for the application, but this is required before services are provided).
  3. Complete and Submit HSS application documents to DHS (30-45 days)
  4. Complete Background Studies through NetStudy 2.0 with DHS provided agency ID number (1-2 weeks)
  5. Submit completed Background Studies to DHS for final HSS approval (30-45 days).



Rates/Reimbursement for Services:

  • Housing Consultation / T2024 U8 / $174.22 per session
  • Housing Transition / H2015 U8 / $17.17 per 15 minute unit
  • Housing Sustaining / H2015 U8/TS / $17.17 per 15 minute unit


Additional Resources

HSS – DHS Provider Manual 

HSS – Required Provider Training, Enrollment Criteria

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