Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Use this page as a resource on how to interact with the law firm during your representation, and what to expect

Remember the best way to contact the law firm is to email djh@holtlawllc.com

How do I contact Holt law?

The best way to engage is to respond to the email chains that have been sent to you, or to start an email to attorney David Holt at djh@holtlawllc.com

What are the prices for services?

All pricing is available publicly here: www.djholtlaw.com/pricing If your service does not fit, you can schedule a free initial consultation to determine if we can handle your matter.

How long will my project take?

Projected completion times will be discussed at the time of engagement and are subject to the law firm workflow. The prices reflect the projected timelines. There are no guarantees on completion timelines for any transactional work.

How do I meet with the attorney?

All representation is currently remote and will be over phone, video and email, unless other arrangements are made. The initial free consultation is over the phone (or video).

How do I start and make payment?

The representation agreement and invoice are both sent electronically after the law firm confirms it can work with you. The representation agreement can be E-signed and the invoice can be paid by credit card without any additional fees. Contact us to arrange for alternative payments. Physical checks will delay your onboarding.

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