Dr. Sam Lezon Video Transcription


I’m not a very traditional chiropractor, so I didn’t want to work for anybody else.  Going into school, I never would have thought I would start my own business.  But then as we went through, I thought this might actually be the best option.


Then it’s like “okay, how are you going to structure your business? What are the bylaws?” and it was just whoosh, I don’t know any of that stuff.


I was looking for somebody who was young and in the same boat that I’m in: starting their own business, young, excited, enthusiastic right off the bat.  David is like “you need bylaws, you need articles in corporation, and you need to file with the state.”  It was cool, I’m glad someone knows what we’re doing.


So, he sat down and at the beginning it was emails everyday, phone calls, meetings; and he did all the work for me.  He got my bylaws written, he got the articles in corporation.  He said “alright I’m going to submit it to the state, I’ve got your tax ID number.”  He did the rest.  So he submitted all that, and sent me an email: “congratulations, you’re a business owner!”


I have a business, but now as a healthcare provider there is a lot of legality involved.  David helped me with language in the documents.  There is a lot that goes into treating and getting information, and keeping that information safe and secure as a healthcare provider.


Every once and awhile he’ll shoot me an email “this is the new regulation” or “this is how the statute just got reworded,” which is great because I don’t have look it up.  He’s still working for me even though I’m not paying him.  He’s looking at the chiropractic laws that are specific to me, and if anything changes or will affect my business/how I’m practicing, he’ll shoot me an email.  “By the way did you see this” or “make sure your emails are compliant with this.”


The work together came to end, but the business relationship never did.

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