ARMHS Recertification

ARMHS Recertification Package


The ARMHS Recertification legal package is for already established ARMHS providers who have reached their recertification date and have been issued a notice from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.



Most ARMHS providers start strong with little to no legal oversight or issues but slowly encounter more and more legal questions and risk as they grow. This creates legal myths and anxieties about what is legal and what is perhaps industry practice, but not legal. This package is designed to get smoothly through the ARMHS recertification process, and also serves as an audit of your business to clean up loose ends. Generally clients find that the correct legal forms/documents also save the Company time and money to remove previous administrative work that was duplicative and unnecessary.



Pricing: $1750 –

Includes review and update of legal documents for recertification:

  1. Preparation of the documents requested by DHS in their recertification notice
  2. Update and review, labeling and organization of recertification documents (policies, recipient files and staff files)
  3. Access to your NEW updated 245I legal documents and forms (over 50 legal documents and forms organized in an electronic folder for your use and editing) Click here for example video screenshare of all the documents
  4. Your ARMHS legal questions answered (does not include clinical questions or questions outside scope of legal practice)


Onboarding is generally within 2 days of free initial consultation. Package is complete within 2 weeks unless delays due to our calendars not lining up, and lingering legal questions are covered beyond that timeline. Email for expedited timeline consideration. If your deadline does not allow much time, we will be required to ask for an extension from DHS.

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