245G Substance Use Disorder License


The 245G Substance Use Disorder license business package is for individuals looking to start a 245G company.



We have 245G templated policies and procedures which will help get you a big start on your 245G application. They provide a foundation for you to work off of.



Pricing: $4500 –

Includes ***LIMITED SCOPE*** legal representation

  1. 245G policies and procedures ONLY for topics listed below
  2. Access to your documents electronically for you to edit
  3. Technical follow up edits to polices and procedures below ONLY, based on DHS feedback
  4. Video training and education on what the documents mean and how to use them ONLY for topics listed below
  5. Ownership legal documentation for single owner or multi-owner scenarios


1-G – Policies and procedures related to client records

1-H – Assessment and treatment planning policies

1-I – Personnel policies and procedures

1-J – Methods and resources for addressing tuberculosis.

1-K – Methods for meeting client outcomes

1-L – Hours of operation and target population

1-M – Policies for service initiation and service termination.

1-N – Policies and procedures to protect client rights, including a statement of client rights and responsibilities

1-O – Procedure for grievances

1-P – Policy regarding photographs, video tapes, audio recordings, and motion pictures of clients.

1-Q – Procedures for behavioral emergencies.

1-R – Vulnerable Adult Reporting Policy

1-S – Program Abuse Prevention Plan

1-T – Policies and procedures to follow if maltreatment of a minor is suspected, including reporting maltreatment of minors and requirements for conducting an internal review.

1-U – Drug and Alcohol Policy

1-V – Policies and procedures that meet 2015 HIV minimum standards

1-W – Written policy for reporting the death of an individual served by the program to the commissioner of human services, within 24 hours, unless the license holder knows that the death has been reported to the commissioner

1-X – Policies and procedures table of contents or another method approved by the commissioner and transfer of records policy upon closure

1-Y – Determination of vulnerable adult status.

1-FF – Staffing requirements

1-GG – Staff qualifications


***Does NOT include (1) all other parts of the 245G application including but not limited to: (2) Staffing; (3) Filing fees; (4) Credentialing/insurance contracts; (5) Clinical policies; (6) Actually submitted the 245G application to DHS; (7) Letter of Need; (8) Residential polices; (9) Enhanced rate policies

What do I need to start?


At least 60 days prior to submitting your application, you must notify, in writing, the county human services director in the county for which you would like to open your treatment facility of your intent to open a treatment center. In your notification, at a minimum, you must include:


1) a description of the proposed treatment program; and

2) a description of the target population to be served by the treatment program.


Onboarding is generally within 2 days of free initial consultation. Package is complete within 3 weeks unless delays due to our calendars not lining up.



Rates/Reimbursement for Services

Adult Non-Residential Treatment Base Rates

  • Individual Treatment / 1 hour / H2035 / $72.11
  • Group Treatment / 1 hour / H2035 HQ / $35.03
  • Comprehensive Assessment / per session / H0001 / $162.24
  • Treatment Coordination / 15 minutes / T1016 / $11.51
  • Peer Recovery Support / 15 minutes / H0038 / $15.02
  • SUD-MOUD-Methadone / per diem / H0020 / $13.39
  • SUD-MOUD-Methadone-all other / per diem / H0047 / $22.66
  • SUD-MOUD PLUS  Methadone / per diem / H0020 / $48.42
  • SUD-MOUD PLUS all other / per diem / H0047 / $57.69


Additional Resources

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